Alex Demyan is a full time fine art photographer specializing in digital photography of Louisiana, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Since becoming a full time professional in 1998, he has had thousands of photographs published covering every Louisiana parish. This collection of images will continue to promote tourism to Louisiana for years to come.
The focus of his career as a strictly editorial photographer was changed nearly overnight by two great tectonic shifts - The digital camera and Hurricane Katrina.
The decline in New Orleanstourism and conventionsafterKatrina collapsed the demand for both stockand editorial services.

Digital Photography likewise put into motion market forces that threatened thecareers of many editorial photographers, butalso bore the seeds of Demyan’srebirth as a Fine Art Photographer.

Today he produces photographs destined more for the frame and less the printed page. Software and an imagination unbounded by the strict limits of the editorial world have allowed Demyan to take his photography to a new dimension that is still believable and true to his roots as a traditional photographer.
Since Katrina, Demyan has managed to survive as a full-time photographer thanks to the popularity of his fine art prints, which are displayed in homes and businesses throughout the world.

  1. Alex Demyan is represented by the Charles Jacob Design, 813 Royal Street The Image Gallery, 838 Royal Street